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  • mtDNA refine test

    I ordered a mtDNA refine test and received the results recently : my haplogroup changed from H to H1. Should that test have included HVR2 results? If not, what is the name of the test that would include HVR2? I'm really confused......

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    Seems you ordered the H-Refinement test not the mtDNA Refine test that test your HVR2.


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      Same confusion

      I thought I had ordered the mtDNA refine test and found out that it was the H-refinement one. Maybe there should be a clearer distinction between the tests so that the orderer knows what he/she is getting.


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        ejosephites, you are not alone..


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          why isnt there a newbie area?

          Guilty...I did the same thing and now am in a quandry wondering if I should go ahead and order the mtdna refined....<still pondering what I may learn in addition to what I currently have>.

          Does anyone else feel there should be a "for newbies only" area? Where people that have experience can answer if they choose instead of people like me posting all over the place or jumping from place to place to learn? Some of you really know your stuff and posting questions can be quite intimidating to newbies (speaking for myself).

          I for one would love to go to an area that starts at G.E.D. instead of P.H.D.

          Any thoughts on the newbie area?


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  's only us people here. I think we are all learning.

            I only know a little. I think I'm learning more.

            There are new and not so new people in the Batch Calendar Forum who are waiting for test results. You can go and post a question or comment in any of the Batch threads.

            I know Batch Calendar is designed for information of DNA Batches in progress, but we still chatter in the Numbered Batch threads, and offer support to each other while waiting for results.

            you can post in any of those threads.


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              mtDNA refine

              I am posting this as a reply because I can't figure out how to ask a question. I recently joined Forum and find it all very confusing. Sorry if this is the wrong place for this.
              I ordered an mtDNA refine test way back (about 2 months). The message under pending test results has said "mtDNARefine(HVR2) Results due 08/21/2006, Batch 160" for ages. My cousin ordered hers at the same time and got her results early August. I've read all the stuff about retesting vial a and b. How long can I expect all this to take?
              vera z


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                To start a new thread, go to the main page of one of the forums and you'll find a New Thread button at the top left.

                I've been told that it takes 2-3 weeks for each re-test. If the first test on vial A failed, they would test from A again. If that re-test failed, then they would test again from vial B. So it could take 6 weeks from your original due date to get results if they end up having to test from vial B.

                Unfortunately, FTDNA doesn't have their systems set up to provide automatic updates when tests fail. However, they are very responsive to email, so you can definitely contact them to ask for a status of your test -- just email [email protected]