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Why are there multiple haplogroups?

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  • Why are there multiple haplogroups?

    My predicted haplogroup is E-M35, but on my haplogroup origins page I'm shown as an exact match for E-L618 at the 12 marker and E-V13 at the 25 marker category
    How do I interpret these different results?

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    Those are Y-DNA SNPs that all belong to the E haplogroup. Those SNPs happened more than 4,000 years ago and were passed down to their descendants. The first V13 person was a descendant of the first L618 person who was a descendant of the first M35 person. The lineage can be seen at or in your haplotree at

    If you want to know if you are positive for all of those SNPs, and more recent SNPs, you need an SNP pack or a BigY test. The E-V68 SNP pack at includes M35, V68, L618, V13, and many other SNPs you are possibly positive for.


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      Besides what Armando posted, there's another thing to understand about the haplogroups you're seeing listed for your matches. If someone has only tested STRs (12, 25, 37, 67, 111), all that FTDNA can do is predict the haplogroup. The prediction will be a basic one and won't go very far down the tree. In your case they've predicted the basic haplogroup of E-M35.

      In order to get a more downstream (more recent) subclade of a haplogroup, SNPs have to be tested. (A subclade is a more recent mutation that's found downstream in a haplogroup, which is what Armando was explaining.) So, one possible reason that you're seeing different haplogroups listed for your matches is that some have tested for more downstream SNPs than others in the list. If those who haven't tested that far downstream as the others do more SNP testing, they may be assigned the same haplogroup.

      This is why I suggested in response to your post in another thread that you join the appropriate haplogroup project, which is free. In your case that is the E-M35 Project. It's website is at

      The administrators of that project can answer your questions about your haplogroup, which is found at its highest levels in the Mediterranean area - the Middle East, Greece/Balkans, Italy, Spain and North Africa. If you're interested in finding out the deep ancestry, over 1,000 years ago, of your paternal line, the project administrators can suggest SNP testing that will find a more downstream subclade for you. The subclade may indicate in which area your paternal line originated. Of course, if this doesn't interest you, you're not obligated to spend money on SNP testing.


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        Most people that are V13 have few matches and the matches are also V13. I doubt very much that he is not V13. Only additional testing would prove it though. The best thing about the V68 SNP pack is that it includes so many other branches that a person with his results could belong to. Even the page of the E-M35 Project states "we recommend testing....Big Y or an SNP pack for either E-V68 or find your terminal branch in the tree" He doesn't belong to the Z827 branch so there is no reason for him to get that SNP pack.

        V13 is mostly found throughout Europe, a little in the Middle East, and more rarely found in North Africa as can be seen at

        V13 has existed in Europe since Neolithic times based on the fact that it was found in a 7,000 year old specimen in Spain -
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          Thank you for all of the information in both your responses. I'll research this further with the links you've provided.