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  • YDNA 67 results

    I can't make heads or tails of my YDNA 67 test results? How ho I use the results? I feel very confused.*LOL* Please break it down in simple English.

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    Anyone who has at least 12 yDNA markers tested will get two important features along with the marker counts. Those are a haplogroup prediction and a match list.

    You should have both, unless they're not confident in making a prediction. In that case, you will a free backbone SNP test to give you your haplogroup with confidence.

    Assuming you have a haplogroup prediction, you should join the appropriate haplogroup project. You can also join appropriate surname and geographic projects. The administrators of those projects, especially the haplogroup project, will help you understand your yDNA results and what further testing you may want to do.

    Their answers to you will depend mostly on what you're hoping to learn from your results. If you're hoping to connect with people related to you in the paternal line or to break down a brick wall in your paternal line, the match list will be more important for you. If you're mainly interested in the deep ancestry of your paternal line, then information about your haplogroup and SNP testing will be more important to you.

    What is in your main interest in yDNA testing? What is your predicted haplogroup?