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Family Finder vs. YDNA

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  • Family Finder vs. YDNA

    My grandmother did the family finder test. Her maiden name is Harris but it's possible that her father was born out of wedlock and just used that name. He is no longer living. We have located someone who took two levels of the YDNA test but not the family finder test who we believe might be the right Harris line. Is there anyway to compare her family finder test to his YDNA test to see if they are related?

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    This goes under the old "apples and oranges" principle. Although your grandmother and the person you're interested in both took a DNA test at FTDNA, they took different types of DNA tests. The results from the two tests can't be compared.

    Since your grandmother doesn't have a y chromosome, you have two options. You can have one of her brothers or one of their sons take a yDNA test and then hope that the person you're interested in will show up on the match list. Or you can somehow contact the person you're interested in and convince him to order a Family Finder test. You may have to offer to pay for that test.

    Or you can do both and see if this person shows up as a yDNA and Family Finder match to your grandmother's brother or son of one of her brothers.