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    I am very, very new at YDNA testing and understand very little. I am trying to wade through it for my husband. We recently received the results of his YDNA-67 testing and his haplogroup is R-M269. He received no direct matches and is in the ungrouped category which Admin says there were no matches close enough to be considered a match. We have several "Wood" persons to show up with a genetic distance of 1 and a YDNA-34 or YDNA-67 but only showed up at 12 markers.

    I was told that we could wait for an email stating that we would be notified if new matches were found, so we received that email. When I checked it, all of the results still show the same 10/24 date as the original test results so I can't tell who the new person is supposed to be.

    So, can anyone out there help me?

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    The email should have told you the level of the match, 12,25,37 or 67 markers. Go to your match page and select that number of markers. In the list of matches click on the "Match Date" heading then click on it again. This will sort your matches by date with the newest match at the top of the list.