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Recommendations for genealogy software/app for Mac

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  • Recommendations for genealogy software/app for Mac

    Can someone recommend the best software/app to use on my Mac?

    Right now I've built my tree data in

    Re: the recommended software for the Mac > would it be able to import the tree?

    Re: Research notes, logging > I've seen in some reviews for PC software that the interfaces include options for recording the logs. If I don't have any of that available with the Mac option, I will have to start doing paper logs. I'm paperless now, so I'll scan the data and backup remotely/via external disks.

    I'm doing a lot of DNA research (through this site, Geno 2.0, 23andMe... and GEDcom database), but I am avoiding building trees so I don't duplicate any data. I'm not sure how to go forward with this, except to take it slowly.

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    Best Genealogy program for Macs

    I am a Mac user and have been using Reunion for years. I highly recommend it. it is very good!


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      RootsMagic has a Mac version. You can download it free and try it out.