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Different DNA origins than my parents

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  • Different DNA origins than my parents

    Hi All
    I had my DNA done a few years ago and was intrigued by my Origins result that was 95% British Isles and 5% middle Eastern. In order to try to pinpoint where the Middle Eastern DNA came from I decided to get my parent's DNA tested as well. ( I know expensive hobby). So my Mum came back 100% British Isles and my Dad came back 93% British Isles and 7% Southern European. How is this possible? By the way they are both genetically my parents, no hanky panky.

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    It's possible because the myOrigins reference populations are few and small and the methodology doesn't allow for a good distinction between people that have an actual ancestor in the past 5 generations with ancestry different from most of the other ancestors in the past 5 generations or people with some alleles that exist in multiple regions but are only identified in one of the few populations in the reference populations. Here is a link to the myOrigins methodology -

    You aren't the only one to get substantially different results from the parents with myOrigins. It happens much more often with myOrigins than it does with 23andme or AncestryDNA. Even though it would cost you another $700 to get all three of you tested with both of the other companies you should do it so you can see the difference.


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      People with British or Irish heritage could try the new test by LivingDNA from the UK for a second view of ethnicity and regional ancestry.


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        We still don't know how good the LivingDNA test result is. Once the people born and raised in the Isles with all of their known ancestry from the Isles report their results in the Anthrogenica thread then we'll know.