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  • How many Matches Do You Have?

    In Family Finder:
    yDNA 33 from your ancestors country=
    FullmtDNA, distance 0 or 1=


    My Results:
    Close= 0
    Distant= 5
    yDNA 33, from your ancestors country= 0
    FullmtDNA, distance 0 or 1= 2 from 0, anyone from 1.

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    My Brother's Matches total 2,383 Breakdown/1 immediate/ 0 at close/ 458 at distant/ 1,924 at speculative.

    Y-DNA: At 37 markers 5 matches at 1 with country of origin the same on only 1 and no shared surname. At 67 markers 4 matches at 4 all from same country of origin as our 4th great grandfather, but not all sharing the same surname.

    mtDNA only tested to HVR2 for my brother.

    My results 2,173 total matches Breakdown 1 at immediate/ 0 at close/ 485 at distant/ 1,687 at speculative.

    Nine FMS mtDNA matches 6 at 0/ 1 at 1/1 at 2/ 1 at 3. No matches connect through the Family finder test. All but 1 of the matches has done the FF test and the other I've been in contact with and we can find no family link.
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      Thank you Keigh. May be is not evident to everyone, but collect real numbers from our results in our tests (in whichever we have tested) is a way that we customers have to figure matters as representative sample, bias, population, in a general way. For example, in my Y linage, I came from Greeks, but Greeks are under-represented in the sample, then, result says that I came from Germany, Switzerland and United Kingndom from my Y linage. Fortunately, I know my roots, but what happen if I not?. This is only one example of many. We know some people that are successful finding relatives, but how many is not?. We must to know how much we are represented in the sample in an objective way in order to be better situated. This is a very general way to have a quick look at these matters. I don't know if I am clear, cos my English is not very good.


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        One more thing, Keigh, you has incorporated 3 important variables:

        1- surnames coincidence,
        2- more or less deepness in Ydna and mtDNA, and
        3- coincidence between matches of different tests.

        This variables must be considered for a better understanding. Very good your post! Thank you.
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          Obviously I had touched a Taboo. Better don't prick the bubble.


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            Gabriel f: I am U3a1b, and my full Mtdna results:

            0 - 16
            1 - 13
            2 - 5
            3 - 1
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              Thanks you.
              How was your FFinder= closer, relatives, surnames coincidence, etc.?


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                My Father (paternal side -Scottish/Irish, Maternal side - Mother born in Romania, German Bukovinian)

                Family Finder
                Close - 1
                Distant - 163
                Speculative - 1157

                YDNA 111 (country of origin - Scotland)
                Ancestral Origins page (111) - 4
                All matches list Scotland as origin (excluding ones that list USA or Canada)

                mtDNA (Romania)
                FMS matches - 0

                My Mother (half English/half Scandinavian)

                Family Finder
                Close - 3 (Her English maternal Grandfathers side)
                Distant - 63
                Speculative - 730

                mtDNA (FMS)
                0 GD - 1
                2 GD - 5
                3 GD - 19


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                  Thank you prairielad! Good presentation!
                  4 matches at the level of Y111, 4 close, very lucky. I have anything at Y111. Only from Y33 something appear, but all Englishmen, no Greek, and no doubt that from my father line I am Greek, no matter DNA says.


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                    Gabriel f:

                    FTDNA FF -
                    Close - 1
                    Distant - 665
                    Speculative - 1887

                    I have a strong dose of Colonial America which gives me more matches.

                    At AncestryDNA, I have 18,500 matches. Their cut-off for reporting is abt 6 cMs.

                    Hope this helps.


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                      Today I found these words in a post, and this person is seeing the same problem that I discover some days ago. But being a statistician retired and teaching scientific research design for 30 years he is much more Autoritative than me.

                      He said:
                      " The results of my mtDNA test indicate that I am Haplogroup - H6a1b3. I live in the USA. All 8 of my great grandparents came from Italy. All their surnames end in a vowel. But when I click on the Ancestral Origins button, it shows only 1 match for Italy, while there are over 100 matches from the British isles. huh? I found a couple of posts that have helped me understand the way things are with family tree.
                      - 'Don't ever forget the sample size is everything. You bear matches with so many Englishmen and so few others because so many Englishmen are taking DNA tests.'
                      - 'It would be helpful if Family Tree DNA would have, as part of REO, a link to sample size that shows how many people in the comparison database identified England, Ireland, Unknown, Italy, France, Ashkenazi Jew, etc. as the ethnic origin -not just matches, but the whole sample.'
                      As a statistician (retired), the first quote explains a ton. family tree does not have enough data to support the claims they make when trying to sell their product. The second quote is very spot on. family tree should have a warning label very prominently displayed on their web site.
                      (BTW, i taught research design at three difference universities over a 30 year span; I am now also retired.) "

                      Now he had a very few answers from this community. And he never appear again if fourms. Or we don't understand what is happening, or we don't want understand. I'm not saying that all is useless. I am saying that with the actual sample of FTDNA, all populations, even Ashkenazi, we can not make absolute verdicts. We must be more careful when we are treating with scientific dates.
                      If a lot of Ashkenazis and British people is tested, but a lot of more populations remains out of the sample, we can't make absolute verdicts because lack of representativeness. Even in the best represented cases in the sample we have not all possibilities and then we can do only approximations, never verdicts, except if we have an agenda. Sorry, this is the real thing, and with this we must operate, a good and useful but a not fully reliable instrument. How reliable? will never know if we don't post how the system is functioning.


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                        Genetic genealogy is in its infancy. As new reference populations are added in the future, and newer testing methods, algorithyms, chips, etc., the results could change and possibly become more accurate.
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                          Sure, I agree with you, Marietta. And for this we must to know what we can expect for our instruments in this moment.


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                            FF Results:
                            Total: 914
                            Immediate: 1
                            Close: 1
                            Distant: 102
                            Speculative: 810

                            MT Plus:
                            Haplogroup: J
                            HVR1 and HVR2: 0
                            HVR1: 62

                            Haplogroup: E-M35
                            Level 37: 0
                            Level 25: 0
                            Level 12: 14 all at GD of 1 and 12 of 14 have taken a higher level test

                            I also administer accounts for my wife, grandmother and half great uncle (still waiting on his results).

                            FF results for wife:
                            Total: 1090
                            Immediate: 0
                            Close: 0
                            Distant: 196
                            Speculative: 894

                            FF results for grandmother:
                            Total: 1067
                            Immediate: 1
                            Close: 0
                            Distant: 127
                            Speculative: 939


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                              Thank you high734. Where your ancestors from?