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H7 Haplogroup confusion

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  • H7 Haplogroup confusion

    I'm H7 haplogroup w/HVR1 differences from CRS in 16162G, 16209C and 16519C. I've checked the sub-clades and I can't figure out if I'm H7 or H1a. I'm dying to get a clearer pic of my ancestry. Can anyone help clarify these results or direct me to where I can find out more info?

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    have you had the H refinement done?

    I was under the impression you need more than HVR1 and HVR2 results to find a sub group.

    I have HRV1 and HRV2 results and i am H

    I'm having the refinement done to see if there is any more to learn.

    I'm sure someone will come along enlighen us both about how much we can get out of HRV1 and 2 as far as sub-group knowledge.


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      Thanks for the post, Mr. O'Connor...

      and yes, I had the mtDNA refine test done..that's were I found out my HVR1 haplogroup was H7. I have no mutations in HVR2. But I can't seem to find out alot about H7.