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several projects can one test be>>>>>

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  • several projects can one test be>>>>>

    My question, my paper trail has ended in 1785 in kentucky, I noticed several projects, fitting my surname of Bryant, the O'brien, the cimberland gap, and the Bryan....
    Question: Can one DNA test be used and submitted to these three projects, as long as the test meets their test criteria, or do i need to get a test for each project..?????????

    SSG Bryant, Roger
    U.S. Army 101st ABN

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    I have my results in 2 projects...MacMillan and Scottish-Clans. When you get your results, go to your personal page and you should see a little blue box that says 'Join'. Select the project you wish to join. The last I heard, you could be a member of 2 projects. That may have changed, though.

    Also, many projects who have web sites separate from FTDNA, the MacMillans are one, will be happy to include your results even if it doesn't come through FTDNA. Just contact the administrator.


    PS: A note of thanks to you you and your men. My brother-in-law is coming up on 20 years. He's currently throwing men out of helos [teaches rappeling, etc] down at Pickett.
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      Thx David

      I am glad to hear i can possibly participate in at least two projects, hopefully I select the right ones, but, i do thank you on the comment, and I have been in the miltary now for 16 years, my heritage has served the is country since the civil war, dunno about the revolutionary one until I find that birth place of my ggggrandfather who was born some where in 1785..
      again thx for the reply.


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        In addition to surname projects, I think you can also join a geographical project and a haplogroup project.


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          thx igmayka

          I appreciate it, I will check them out also....this seems like its going to be fun...and interesting...thx roger