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Private mutation?

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  • Private mutation?

    Hi, I have two questions...

    1. My upgrade ordered on Oct 4th, batched on the 5th, and has shown completed- date "pending" ever since. Everywhere I read that I should see an estimated date for completion. Can someone explain why it says "pending", rather than an estimated date?

    2. I have not had a full mtdna sequence done, but, when comparing my mutations to other C's, C5's specifically (C5c1a more specifically, since that is the group that shows as matches on mitosearch & on my haplogroup origins page) I have one difference. I have a mutation (A16497G) that no other C has. Not even in the phylotree. I have seen this same mutation in one U and in one H. Is this what is called a private mutation? And if so, is this why I have zero matches (other than my mother)?