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How significant is matching most HRV1 differences

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  • How significant is matching most HRV1 differences

    Hi to all!

    This is my first time posting so forgive me if I am putting this question in the wrong forum...

    If I do a Google search of all 7 of my HRV1 differences from RSRS, most of the results on the first page are bringing me to forums or FTDNA groups all of which relate to being Jewish. I realise there isn't a "Jewish gene" and I'm Irish and not Jewish so wondering how significant is this?

    Thanks for reading.

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    There are four branches of mtDNA which are mainly Jewish: K1a1b1a, K1a9, K2a2a1, and N1b2. Is your type any of those?


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      Thanks for the reply J Honeychuck.

      I did a very basic test back in 2007 so all I have is my haplogroup (H) and the HRV1 differences from RSRS.

      I'm thinking of doing the Family Finder test, would that give me such results?


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        No, the detail of your mtDNA is in the mtDNA Full Sequence test. It reveals deep ancestry on the direct maternal line.

        Family Finder can find relatives who could be on either your mother's or your father's side.

        When you know your research goals, you will know what additional tests to take.


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          Personally, I recommend doing Family Finder. Way more bang for the buck, unless you are specifically searching along just the Maternal Line and have a hypothesis there you want to confirm.
          Also - price of Family Finder is low enough, probably won't drop dramatically in a sale - but Full MtDNA (FMS) might -so if that is what you really want, do it when it goes on sale.

          Family Finder also gives you MyOrigins, so if Ethnic Background is what you are wanting to know - it will answer it at least as well as FMS, probably better.

          Be sure to do as upgrade from same Kit MtDNA results are on - that way you can also easily see who matches you on both.