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Deciding what test to buy next

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  • Deciding what test to buy next

    Which Test should I do next? I have done the AncestryDNA Test. I am trying to decide whether to do The y-DNA or mtDNA Test. I like to do one of those or should should do the Family Finder first?

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    Ancestry and Family Finder are the same type tests. FTDNA has more tools, a chromosome browser for example, and the benefit of having your test in their database too. Ancestry and FTDNA are two separate databases.

    The question is something you need to answer for yourself. If you want to have more close relative possible matches, choose Family Finder. If you are looking for more distant information such as a male surname line, the YDNA.

    Really unless you just want to know the haplogroup you are in, MTDNA is not that useful.