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    24/25 Boyd match to a Kershner, difference at 464c


    I will have to pass on to Max the opportunity for a complete desertation of the value of multi-copy markers for use in the genealogical field of endeavor. But from my experience, while the issue of multi-copy markers can be confusing to beginners, they definitely are of value, imo. If say all four copies (the most typical number) of DYS464 alleles match when comparing two people, then that is useful information. If they don't match then that is useful information too, even if you don't know exactly which copy is which. And if they have a different number of copies of DYS464, say one person has four copies and the other has five copies, then that is useful piece of information too, when sorting out possible relationships in a genealogical time frame. For example, we know in your case when you compared your haplotype to Mr. Kershner at DYS464 that three of the copies of that multi-copy marker matched and one copy doesn't. While we certainly don't know for certain which copy is which in relation to their location on the Y chromosome, we absolutely do know that you and Mr. Kershner don't match exactly at DYS464 on all four copies. So that is useful information.

    As I recommended privately to you, since you and Mr. Kershner share a frrequently occuring haplotype, especially at 12 markers, both you and Mr. Kershner (kit 23113 in my surname project) should upgrade to 37 markers to achieve more data and haplotype differentiation and then compare your haplotypes at that higher level of resolution. If you still match very closely, say 35/36 out of 37, then some traditional genealogical research is merited, imo, to see if your direct male ancestral lines crossed at any point in time and space in a traditional genealogically relevant time frame, even though you don't share the same surname. If you get a very close match at 37 markers then it is worth some digging, imo, looking for a possible close proximity of the two male lines in time and space to allow for a possible extra-marital event, etc. I have recommended to Mr. Kershner that he upgrade to 37 markers as part of my upgrading all of my project members to 37 markers. Hopefully he will do that. Even if he doesn't I think it would be of value to you to upgrade to 37 markers. In general, the more markers the better. I personally have my haplotype defined to 43 markers at this point. So given your common haplotype, if you can fit it in your budget, upgrade ASAP, is my best advice.

    Time to call it a night.


    Charles Kerchner