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  • Originally posted by Rossi

    I wouldn't use the word Hebrew to describe these people that were assimilated, which would be a cultural and/or language description and probably not all that definitive. It is my belief they were a mixed haplogroup population already.

    GOD always treated the two nations as sisters two different people and they didnt like each other much either.unless threaterned by someone else.
    Hebrew is what they called themselves prior to the split in the houses judea and Israel.

    as to haplogroups sure they were mixed every group is.

    notice i said sisters not brothers. so the ydna wouldnt be the same lol


    • Originally posted by slumbuzzle

      ....... The challenge is, if there was a diaspora, it will be fairly difficult to separate those that migrated from that area into Europe during that diaspora and the members of the same haplogroup that migrated during the Neolithic or in other historical times. Even if we can do this, there's still no guarantee that they were part of the Northern Tribes.

      Anyway, off to read more. Thanks again for the clarification.
      I agree, very difficult.