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  • Uploading results to Mitosearch

    I just did a quick count of the entries in Mitosearch that match my HVR1 sequence and found it to be <200. There are presently over 600 entries in FTDNA that match my HVR1 sequence. That means approx. 2/3 of those tested by FTDNA, in my group alone, have not yet posted to Mitosearch. I am not sure if some of the new people are aware of how to upload their information to Mitosearch so I thought it might be a good idea to mention it here in case they are unaware of this program or need help with how to access it. It is simple to do, just click on the link (the "Mitosearch" box), go to the Create a New User tab, fill out as much of the information as you want to, or have available (some people may not have tested HVR2 yet), and Save.

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    Why not post to FTDNA and have them post a reminder to testees?


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      Excellent idea. I didn't want to bother them (FTDNA) with it but maybe it wouldn't be a difficult thing for them to do. I'll see what reply I get from the Administrator. If they can't do it, maybe just by reading the forum people will see it and be reminded.


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        I think this would be helpful to the newbies.



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          Do keep in mind, though, that some people don't want to "publish" their DNA results at all (i.e., in a public database), much less disclose any information about ancestors.

          But I do agree that many FTDNA customers probably just don't realize the usefulness of Ysearch. In particular, Ysearch can show distant partial matches for people who have no close matches. Partial matches can still be very useful in deducing deep ancestry.