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  • Data analysis problems

    Hi all,
    This is my first post here. I was looking for some help on some basic data analysis on the DNA match I have with my mother, June Williams. I'm looking to find other Williams relatives. Here's what I've done so far:

    I have over 1200 supposed DNA matches. I select my mother's profile and select in common with. It shows we have 523 profiles in common. I then enter "Williams" in the search box and it shows my mother and I have 46 profiles in common where "Williams" appears. Perfect, now I want to analyze those 46 profiles, but when I go to download to Excel, it downloads all 1200+ matches, ignoring the filters I have set.

    So my goals at this point are to first of all get around this particular problem, but even more, I wanted to get an idea of any tricks of the trade on how to analyze the 46 profiles. For instance, do any of the same people named Williams appear multiple times across the 46 profiles. Looking through all 46 profile trees one at a time just becomes ridiculous. I'm hoping there's a better way that people have discovered to analyze all of this data. Thanks! Paul

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    If worst comes to worst

    You might want to Goggle "Excel Pivot Table" then filter on "Williams".


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      Thanks for the advice!

      Does anybody know how I can ONLY download the "in common with" list to Excel? Even when I filter my matches using "in common with", when I download to Excel, it downloads all of my matches. I need to resolve this before I start analyzing data in Excel.


      Originally posted by MtnJim View Post
      You might want to Goggle "Excel Pivot Table" then filter on "Williams".


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        You used to be able to download partial sets of your match list, but that changed when FTDNA redesigned the interface recently (adding the paternal / maternal tags). Please send a note to the help desk to add your voice to the list of people who would like to see this feature restored.


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          Darren, do you know if FTDNA plans to restore this very important feature, and if so, a time frame? Many thanks.