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    I am new to FTDNA. I ran my DNA a couple of years ago. I submitted my brother's YDNA recently. The account came back in his name even though I paid for everything.

    My question is how do I connect the information/results from his account to my account? I created a family tree on his account but it did not show my results in his tree.

    Just confused on how to connect family information

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    FTDNA does not operate like AncestryDNA. At AncestryDNA, one person can control the DNA results for various people, usually family members, under one account that he manages.

    At FTDNA, each person has their own kit number and password associated with their unique account. Each individual's test results are not imputed to other family members' accounts.

    The closest thing to the AncestryDNA system of multiple persons under one account is to start a project. Usually that would be a surname project with yDNA test results. A volunteer administrator would have access to all the project members' results and would decide what to put on the project website, other than the test results.

    More recently, FTDNA has allowed people to set up similar project arrangements for Family Finder results for a family or geographic area. Although there wouldn't be a project website, the volunteer administrator would have access to all the members' results.

    From what I've heard about people trying to set up new projects, there is usually a long delay in getting it approved. In the absence of setting up a project for family members, the other way to get access to family members' accounts and their results/matches and future testing is to use your e-mail address as the contact address for each account. Then you would receive the e-mail from FTDNA that gives the kit number and password for the account when it's first set up by placing an order for a test. With that information, you would have full access to the account.


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      If you are going to have more family members tested, you may want to use the above MMaddi's advice on starting a project, since that simplifies simultaneous access to more than one kit (account).

      Without a project you can only access one account in a browser instance. So if you want to take a look at your results and your brother results at the same time, you would either need to do that from two computers, or use two different web browsers. For example, then you could be watching your results in Firefox and your brother results in Chrome. With more than a couple of kits such a system becomes unwieldy.

      Mr W


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        MMaddi and dna have good advise. I just wanted to add... I requested to start a project over a year ago and never heard anything. I didn't work to hard at finding out why the delay (or simply non-response at this point), but they certainly take a while!