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Determining relationship closeness

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  • Determining relationship closeness

    Ancestey site question-
    I know it's just a estimate but what are some ways to tell what might be a 4 cousin vs a 3rd cousin once removed? Or any of those ranges?
    My son has 67 4th cousins or closer. When looking at his matches he has 2 3rd cousins (that match my side) and then several listed 4th cousins but they all say possible range 4-6th.
    One that is from the Swedish side (line I'm currently working on) says 42 cM across 3 DNA segments. Another says 35 a cross 2 DNA segments.

    A few people in the past who have helped me when I first took the test was able to say they believe it would be such and such though I don't know how. The few sites I use are


    As well as

    I was told to divide the total cM by 67.7 so in the first example that is .62

    This person is much older while she matches to my son who is 6. Perhaps if they are 3 cousins once removed then my son's great great great grandparent may be her great great. That's just a random example and it could be any given number of things but is there anyway on Ancestry that I can used the info provided to closer determine the relationship. I have a few at Ancestry who are not interested in transferring to FTDNA or uploading to Gedmatch.