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  • Close match mistake?

    Working on my children's bio father's side. Both my kids match a man and his father as one of their closer matches.
    The son matches my daughter as a 2nd-4th cousin with 47 shared centimorgans and the longest block being 22.
    The Dad matches my daughter as a 3rd-5th cousin with 42 shares cM and a longest block of 20.

    The son matches my son as a 2nd-4th cousin and 69 shared cam and a longest block of 22.
    The dad matches my son as a 2nd-4th cousin with 55 shared cM and the longest block being 20.

    These two people are from the same Swedish line I'm working on. I was rather excited to have a closer match then all the rest which are 4th and beyond and not many however this match who seems very intelligent with ancestry believes that my children's common ancestor to him is probably exteremly far back and that FTDNA often guesses much closer then they really are. I know of a few people who match my son as a 4th range cousin on the Swedish side. From running chromosome tests I can tell that my children's common ancestor comes from different lines with the matches even though the matches themself relate but very far back. In fact the dad & son that I'm questioning relates to them as well but also very far back. I believe they had a common ancestor 6 generations back and then again 8 and same for the other matches. When I put in common with they all match though which makes things a little tricker for me. I only know two possible sets of 3-4 great grandparents for my children. I don't know the other lines or how and when they connect to make a closer ancestor to my children. Could this person be correct that my children probably have a very distant ancestor with him or based off the shared cM and block length could they likely have a more recent? He is really confusing me.

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    I would offer you a similar advice as the man who is taking care of the son/father pair.

    Please note that the son in the son/father pair has counter-intuitively longer the longest block and more shared cMs. That maybe random from his mother side or his mother side is also distantly related to the father of your children. I would be guessing 4th cousin type of relationship and only used predictions/numbers for the father from the son/father pair.

    Mr W

    In my family, after decades of research, we have extensive trees (based on paper trail), but we are only at around 25% of 4th cousins. In some sense they are quite far...