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  • Mailing of DNA Sample

    Does it make a difference what day of the week I mail in new samples for testing? I am worried about the cheek swabs not being as viable for testing if they sit in a post office truck somewhere and get hot. I thought I read somewhere that the samples need to be keep within a certain temperature range.
    I am expecting cheek swabs to be delivered any day to my house to obtain cheek swabs on my husband, and, since this is the end of the week, I am wondering if I need to wait and mail the samples in on Monday morning. I always hand carry the test swabs to the post office when I do testing on my family, so that they will always be inside a building where there is a more even temperature.
    I have never seen this addressed anywhere, so maybe it does not matter. I do know it will be in the mid to high 90's here in Missouri next week, and that Houston will be even hotter.

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    Since collected samples have been in the African desert for weeks I don't think a few day with the USPS will hurt your sample.

    FTDNA sends new kits to the lab on Wednesday. Very little happens at USPS over the weekend.

    For your kit to be with the USPS for as short of time as possible you might want to mail it on a non-Holiday Monday.


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      Okay, thanks Jim. I suspected it would be all right, but just wanted to make sure. If my husband's kit arrives today, I will definitely mail it out today.