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GEN 2.0 Transfer to FTDNA - what next?

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  • GEN 2.0 Transfer to FTDNA - what next?

    I am sure I cannot be the first person to ask this question.
    However having looked through many posts, most of which relate to GEN 2.0NG not my GEN2.0 I thought it easier to ask you..... (the experts).

    I have transferred my results (using the direct link) and it does not tell me anything that Nat Geo site did not tell me - which is my Haplogroup H1b.

    Having looked through other threads, it appears people are asking similar questions to me, but mentioning their SNP??
    I can't see that I have this info on Nat Geo Site.

    a) What benefit did I get from transferring my results?

    b) As a female what other test should I now do? Should I be looking to do the mtDNA?

    c) Forgive me for mentioning a competitor on this site:
    but DNA is just autosomal isn't it?, (I thought the Nat Geo 2.0 test was autosomal) so I don't want to pay money to duplicate a test I've already done.
    So is FTDNA the best place to push my family history further into the past?

    This is all new to me and I am disappointed with what the transfer has given me, as I thought I would of had more information from it.
    So I'm a little bit at a loss of where to go from here.
    Thanking you in advance for your advice.

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    As a female, you can choose to take only two tests, MtDNA or autosomal. It looks as though you have taken the MtDNA already. Unfortunately, this test is not so good for genealogical purposes, since you can only identify a common ancestor, who could be hundreds or thousands of years ago. So, if you have no matches, then your close matches have not tested yet.

    The real bang for the buck is in the autosomal testing. With this, you may be lucky enough to find hundreds of cousins who match you to some degree. I would not hesitate to do this if I were you.

    Regarding FtDNA questions, you have come to the right place, since it combines DNA testing with genealogy, and seems to be the most popular (read: more ancestors).


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      Thank you rmm0484
      for your reply.

      So this is probably a really basic question if you know the answer.. but as I am still trying to get my head around all of this.

      I thought the GEN2.0 test was autosomal and I thought the transfer would give some matches on FTDNA.
      I can't believe I'd got it so wrong!

      So, you're saying the test I have done with GEN2.0 is the same as the FTDNA MTDNA, and the only information it has given me is my haplogroup as I have no matches

      So I thank you for informing me, I now have a better understanding and I will look into doing the FTDNA Autosomal testing.