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Y DNA for brother/nephew

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  • Y DNA for brother/nephew

    I'm trying to understand the logistics of buying a Y DNA kit for my wife's brother or nephew before we approach one of them about giving a sample. We are trying to trace my wife's father's ancestry. Can I buy the kit and have it shipped to her brother/nephew? Do I then manage the kit through my FTDNA account once it is processed? Is the test subject able to see the results, or will he be dependent on me to provide results to him? Any assistance is appreciated.

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    You can buy a kit and have billing and shipping addresses different.

    Each kit will have to have its own log in, one person per account.

    Easiest way to order new kit is to go to familytreedna website with out logging in and start a new order.

    If you order from your FTDNA account,
    click on DNA Test > yDNA > Select the yDNA test you would like> In Shopping Cart select add another kit(if it added a yDNA test for your kit, remove it from order)

    Complete shopping cart order and proceed to check out.

    Fill in Billing info and click on Edit in Shipping info and enter Name and address of person taking the test.

    Complete purchase.

    Once kit is processed you would have to log in to that account separately to view results. If you would like tester to see results then you would have to share the log in information with him. FTDNA does not have guest access
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      I manage many DNA kits for my relatives.

      As Prairielad said, you can order the kit yourself, and have the kit sent to the person testing or you can have it sent to you and you take the kit to them.

      Each person requires a separate kit and account. So you will need the kit number and password for the account.

      I usually put my email address as the contact for the kit and their email address as the secondary email.
      I give them the kit number and password so they can view the results for themselves, but I usually do all the work with the results.


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        Thanks for your guidance, prairielad and rivergirl.