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    Is there a way to search FTDNA projects by kit number without knowing which projects the member is in?

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    The only way to search public projects for a kit number, without going into each individual project, is to type kit number into Google (ie FTDNA + kit number).

    If that kit holder has allowed his kit number to be shown to public in projects it will be found, but if kit holder is a member but has set privacy setting to show kit number only to members of said project it will not be able to be located.
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      OK! Thanks prairielad.


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        Another way to search if you wish to only find results from a project's results page is to do the following.

        Go to Google. Type the kit number, add a space and then "" without those quotations. Hit Enter and done. You get results from only FTDNA's pages and not from other places that might have that number but is not a kit number (like part of a phone number).

        Though if you use the method prairielad gave you, you might find other pages that mention that kit number outside of FTDNA. Like the BigTree or other genetic genealogy related page out there.