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Question regarding Finnish ancestry and matches

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  • Question regarding Finnish ancestry and matches

    Hi all,

    To start off with, I have no known Scandinavian/Finnish ancestry on paper (I get 2% Scandinavian on 23andMe). My Y-haplogroup is DF27 and my mtDNA haplogroup was V-C72T!, however FTDNA have put it back to V. I have 12 known Finnish matches on FTDNA (some have Swedish ancestral names), 8 of which I match on chromosome 9, all starting at 28368229 and finishing at either 35893370 or 35541434. I don't know if this strong evidence of distant Finnish ancestry, and/or other Scandinavian. I've also come across other Finnish matches on Gedmatch in a similar spot and on other chromosomes.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated