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    I'm having a hard time reading and interpreting my data when I run it through GEDMatch and Interpretome, etc.
    The results I get are much different than any of my results from Ancestry, 23andMe and others.

    The third party tools usually always put me closer to the Middle East than anything else with some South Asian yet my DNA results from companies are nearly 100% European.

    What gives?

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    Oh, I should mention that I have tried literally every single GEDmatch calculator, done the chromosome paintings, compared kits side-by-side, and I've played with all the graph settings on Interpretome.

    I'm sorry I don't know if I can edit my own posts :/


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      There is some difference between the results because each company has there own database to compare to....for example I have Armenian ancestry and on FTDNA they have a large database of Armenians to compare my results to and it shows my Armenian ancestry but on Ancestry, they do not have a large database of Armenians to compare my DNA to and it shows Greek/Italian/Middle eastern...a lot more varied.So basically you will get varied results, but a very good idea of your ancestry/origins, but it is far from perfect, and hopefully in time they will get even better and more accurate at understanding our DNA results.