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Matches I have, Neither Parent DOES NOT

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  • Matches I have, Neither Parent DOES NOT

    I am just wondering why I have 140 matches neither of my parents have in the family finder. I extracted both files of "not in common with" searches from each of my parents who have been tested. Sorted on excel for duplicates and there are 140 of them. This seems incredible high for random ones of coincidence. I also tested to make sure my parents were not related on Gedmatch. I know my parents have some I do not have and was told that they have parts I would be missing in the dna of what wasn't passed on to me. What about the other way around? Is the number supposed to be this high and am I not related to the people that do not match either of my parents?

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    These are probably matches that are in the 4th to Remote Category with longest segments under 20cM

    To be declared a match at FTDNA one must share at least 20cM in total DNA with at least one segment of at least 7cM/700SNPs

    This longest segment is most likely present in one of your parents, but the total DNA shared did not meet the 20cM threshold to be declared a match.

    Many of the segments under 7cM will be false segments made up of algorithm building a segment by zig zagging between your maternal and paternal values. Algorithm is looking at your two values(maternal value and paternal value, although it does not know which is which) at each tested position and matching it with matches two values, only 1 value has to match per position

    You would have to compare Matches kit to parents kits via Gedmatch's one to one Compare (require you and matches to upload Raw Data to site) to see which parent segment matches to

    or you and match would have to be willing to share your Raw Data for that segment with each other and compare via the following David Pike Utility. Build 36 Data, as positions given at FTDNA and Gedmatch are listed as Build 36.
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