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  • New Match surprise

    I'm utilizing all of the various tools and information that are available - or trying. I started at Ancestry, uploaded here and have a GEDmatch kit as well now. Today, I also uploaded the raw DNA from Family Tree today, which I was unaware I could do.

    I also have a GEDCom that has been created and uploaded - and revised - as I continue to add to and refine my family tree at Ancestry. The tree has also been uploaded here on Family Tree.

    I have barely scratched the surface with trying to understand my Matches and the Chromosome browser...

    So, with that said....I noticed that Ancestry has something called DNA Circles that they have created as well as New Ancestor Discoveries based on DNA. I was startled today to see two names posted for possible Ancestor Matches, however, their names match absolutely none that I have heard of or are placed on my tree. It's a total surprise, and I'm not quite sure what to do with the information.

    Ancestry does provide the names of my DNA matches, and it indicates that there is high confidence for the match. I am also very curious to determine if/where these potential Ancestor names might be placed on my tree.

    So, for those here who are far more experienced than me - if this were you, how would you follow the trail to get the necessary information? Do I see if these matches are also here on Family Tree or GEDMatch? Is there a way to search for the Ancestor names here? I'm kind of stumped at this point. Call me intrigued, but also rather overwhelmed. :-)

    Thanks all!

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    You are better off asking Ancestry related questions over at Ancestry.

    But anyways, remember all those Ancestry tools are hints. They could be wrong as they are based on what each person has on their tree. So one or more of your matches appear to share some names that you might already have. Yet, they have a generation or more further back that you do not. Based on your DNA and your trees, the site has determined an ancestor of your match is also your ancestor.


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      I figured that might be the case. I think what I was trying to narrow this down to was whether I could figure out a way to compare results - i.e. would it be possible to see somehow if the same match(es) pop up here. There seem to be a lot more tools available here, such as the Chromosome Browser, as well as the utilities that GEDMatch provides. Ancestry is a good jumping off place, but it does have its limitations.

      Much appreciated!


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        Not everyone who has tested at Ancestry has tested in other places or transferred their data to Gedmatch. You could contact this match and ask them if they have uploaded to Gedmatch. I find that a lot of people don't know about Gedmatch or even FTDNA. Though it is important to let them know why transferring would be useful or they might not do it.


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          My mother has absolutely no DNA Circles or New Ancestor Discoveries. That area of her page is blank, though I have seen people who have lots of info in that area. I have no idea whether or not it's useful.

          The strange thing is I have been able to identify common ancestors for quite a few matches there, some of whom are in common with each other.


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            Most of my Ancestry DNA circles involve only a narrow line (PA German) that is not about what I need. But I haven't looked at it lately. I need information about my direct maternal line.


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              I think these matches popped up because I have been extensively adding to my family tree, so a new connection was made. It just completely took me by surprise, because they were surnames that have never appeared anywhere in my family records/history. It indicated that their descendants were genetic matches to me. Not sure if I am a genetic match to the particular ancestors. I have since sent messages to a couple of the potential matches, so I'll see if it goes anywhere.

              On another interesting note, I have started a GEDComm comparison at GEDMatch (one to all) today. It's a bit laborious, however, I am noticing a *very* large number of GEDcoms that match many of my father's ancestors. I have to wonder if it's partly due to him having so many prominent New England (Maine and Massachusetts) surnames in his family line. On the other hand, there are very limited GEDCom matches on my mother's side, except for a few that are linked to her Dutch/French Huguenot lineage that goes back to early New York. I was hoping to see more, because I have more brick walls now on that side of the family.

              Anyhow, I find it fascinating to learn where all of these 'bread crumbs' are leading, if anywhere at all.