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    I have not ordered any DNA test myself but my relative sent me the results of a MTDNA test she ordered a few years ago in a word document. I wonder if there's some extra information I need to understand this because all it says is that I belong to haplogroup H and then:
    HVR1 differences from CRS

    What can I make of this, anything? Sorry for my potential noob questions.

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    Not much. Sounds like it was a very basic mtDNA test. You can find some basic information on mtDNA haplogroup H here. The H haplogroup project also has other information here.

    If this relative is on your maternal line (mother's mother's mother's), then you would be part of that same haplogroup. So if this relative's maternal line connects with your maternal line with no men in between, then its the same maternal line.

    If this relative or you had taken the mtDNA Full Sequence, you would get a more specific haplogroup assignment meaning H plus some letters and numbers. It is currently on sale until the 26th of April. However, it might not be that useful to you. It really depends on what you want to find out. The useful part is finding matches which are people with the same or similar mtDNA as whoever took the test. Then you can contact one another and share what you each have and try to connect the dots.