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If i decend from a union between Master/slave

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  • If i decend from a union between Master/slave

    How do I find the family of that slave woman, one of my grandmother's. It started around 1755 in Lunenburg Cty Va.

    Her name was Jane, that is all I know. You recon she and her children took the Master's name, Christopher?

    How and where do i research this?

    Thank you

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    Sounds like you're basically starting at square one. So you're asking a mouthful! You might want to start with a couple of these pages first. I don't mean to be a shill for a company, but I think before long you'll find--if you're really digging deep into records that old--that a paid subscription to ancestry might be worth it. They have a huge collection of old American records and user-submitted family trees that might help. (Some plans are about $22/month. Sometimes you can do free trials.)

    Good luck!
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      Than you for the reply Leo76. I will study the links you have provided, the second one looks interesting.

      Uh, i will just blunt. I think an ancestor of mine mated with a slave woman named Jane who was given to him bu his brother in Mid 1750's. By 1817 the decendents of this Jane, most likely one of my grandmother's passed as white and married into distinguished, for the day, families in the early 1840's. There is Jane Christopher b. 1817 in SC. And her brother George A b. In Abbleville District, SC in 1820.

      In i843 they both married a brother/sister from the Mathewes family in Abbeville.

      Here is the blount part! Would it be possible from 1750's to 1817/1820 for decendendents of the white man and black woman to become blue eyed, blond hair, white people?

      I suppose if the original slave, Jane, was a milato in the 1750's it might be possible.

      I have the Ydna of the man who was gifted Jane, and the will of this man's father who died in 1754 has a memo attached, "that the boy Alexander Howard be given to his mother". That memo does not mention if Alexander is black, white or milato.

      But the only other people that share my Ydna are Surname Howard. (I have a few more Christopher's I think decend from the patriarchs currently being tested.)

      This is just a theory i am testing. Thank you for your help and i am on Ancestry.


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        Yes, it's quite possible they could be living as "white" people 70 years later. There are some statistics on what percentage of European/African admixture tends to result in someone "passing" as "white", but that could easily be the case for what you describe.