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    I am snp tested to R-L2. I finally received a match at the 12 marker lever who has my surname Christopher, and have paid for him to go to 67 level. We have a rare DYS 393 = 10. I have found two more candidates from his common ancestor and paid for them to be tested.

    If we all match and all have the same surename, but I cannot tie my tree into theirs, does that indicate our common ancestor is before their common ancestor who was born in 1670?

    We have three surnames in our group, Christopher, Howard and Fry. At the moment there are 3 christophers, 3 Howards and one Fry. The Fry is on!y a 12 marker perfect match and does not respond to my emails to him.

    What more can i do?

    Thank you
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