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yDNA testing my uncle

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  • yDNA testing my uncle

    My yDNA testing has just been received by the lab and I would like to know if I should also test my uncle as well. I know that half of his DNA is from my grandmother. Doing a yDNA test on my uncle could my grandmothers genes be determined as well as my uncle's genes?

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    A yDNA test will only tell you about the strict paternal line - father, paternal grandfather, paternal grandfather's father, etc. That's because it's testing the y chromosome, which is passed down from father to son. There's no DNA from the mother in the y chromosome, since she doesn't have a y chromosome. Only men have it.

    So, testing your uncle's yDNA will reveal nothing about your grandmother's DNA. It sounds like you should be ordering the Family Finder test for you and your uncle. That's a test which involves the 22 pairs of autosomal chromosomes which gives you information about every line in your tree. You received roughly 25% of your autosomal DNA from your grandmother and your uncle received 50% of his autosomal DNA from the same woman. This is assuming that your uncle is a blood relative (a brother of your father or mother) and not a relative by marriage.