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FTDNA versus autosomal for brother

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  • FTDNA versus autosomal for brother

    The 2 weak areas in my tree are my father's paternal line and my mother's paternal line. I am considering having my brother test and I understand this will help with my father's paternal line, but what about my mother's father and so on... is there a test for that, and/or should I just order him an autosomal test? My sister, me and two female first cousins have already had an autosomal test.

    Thank You

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    Did your mother have a brother, or a paternal uncle, who you could ask to test? Or a son or grandson of one of those? It would have to be someone who is in the direct paternal line for Y-DNA testing.

    Otherwise, autosomal testing (Family Finder at FTDNA) will find matches on all lines of the person tested. For your mother, and you and your siblings with the same mother, it could include some matches from her paternal line. If the female first cousins are daughters of your mother's full siblings (with same father as your mother), they may have matches from that paternal line, as well.

    Definitely test your brother for your father's Y-DNA line, and adding the Family Finder test can be helpful, too.

    Make sure you have a list of surnames and locations, and a tree you can share.


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      Mother's paternal line

      Ok now I think I understand a little better. So my brother is direct in my fathers line. Unfortunately all my uncles are deceased, but I have a few male cousins living down south that are sons of my mother's brother. If I understand it right than those cousins would be in direct line to my maternal grandfather because they are sons of my mother's brother. Completely overlooked that. Thanks so much!


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        As stated before me, if you want to test the paternal line of your mother, you can order a Y-DNA test for someone on that line. Your mother's father, your mother's brother, your mother's father's brother, your mother's brother's son, your mother's father's paternal cousin, etc. The older and more direct to the line you want to learn about the better.

        So yes, you understood it right.