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  • Gedcom upload question

    I found through DNA that my legal father is not my biological father. I have done genealogy for over a dozen years & that included my legal father's lines. I want to upload my maternal lines only at this point. Is it a good idea to use my mother as the point person, rather than me? I have a large tree on Family Tree Maker and foresee trying to carve the maternal line from me may be difficult and I think including my legal father would be inaccurate; but maybe not. As you can see, this is a sticky problem.
    Any advise?

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    As FTDNA is about the genetic connection of the DNA-donor I put always the donor as point person (and leave it as "private" as also other people in my tree, who are living and do not want to be seen in my public tree).

    In your case I would do the same: you might show your fully researched maternal line with you as point person and leave your biological father as "unknown". So I did in the family tree of the DNA of my grandmother, where we have also an non-paternal-event (NPE). And your match, who likes to search your tree and do not find common names, might assume, that he could be related to your paternal side.

    If you are in the situation to test your mother, too, it will be easier to sort matches from your mothers/fathers line to get a clue on common names on your fathers line.

    You can make a copy of your Gedcom, cut the line from your bio father and upload the new copy to FTDNA.
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      If it is easier to download a Gedcom with your mother as point person than to download one as you with point person but your father's side cut out -- then could you do the former, upload it to FTDNA, and then add yourself, so what is here does in fact have you -- or does that not do it?


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        Thank you both for your suggestions. My mother is deceased. I think I'll try uploading my mother's gedcom and adding myself in. If it doesn't work, I can always delete it & start over.