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    So through Famiy Tree I tested my son. I see when I click matches a bunch of 2nd-4th cousin possibilities. Are those listened in any specific order? Is the first one most likely a closer match? How much does shares Cm matter? I'm looking to find more info on my sons bio Dads side (still wanting on the YDNA test results) however I'm clueless on how what to do with the listed matches.

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    You have a choice on how you will see them ordered.
    If it is ordering high to low by Relationship Range, then yes, it is at least to some extent ordered within each range as well. No, there is no guarantee the higher one actually is closer, just that it is ordered according to the algorithm they are using.

    After all - you get half your DNA from your father, half from your mother - as do any siblings. Theoretically, one of them could get the exact other half from you for each parent, resulting in you two not sharing any DNA. Way unlikely, do not know as it has ever happened - but no total guarantees on how much you will share at any relationship level except probably parent-child.