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Will Y-67 or 111 provide more information

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  • Will Y-67 or 111 provide more information

    Hi everyone. I'm new at this so bear with me. I took the Y-37 test and it came back with three matches; all with different surnames. Also the percent within the past eight generations were between 20-25%.

    My question is it worth while to take the Y-67 or 111 to further determine the validity of the matches?

    I'm trying to trace a specific surname (Brooks). I trace the line back to 1850 on paper, with some unverified info going back to 1799.

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    67 markers

    have any of your 3 matches taken the 111 marker test ?

    the 111 marker test did help me rule out some matches I had at 67 markers.

    of my 16 matches at 67 markers only 3 had done the 111 marker test and none of them match on the 111 marker test. so it did confirm that some of my 67 marker matches were actually more distant than the 67 marker test predicted.

    3 of my 67 marker matches were not a match at 37 markers but they did not take the 111 marker test. I suppose the 111 marker will be helpful as more people take this test, so I am glad I went ahead and did the 111 marker test.