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    Hi all, I have transferred my raw data from Ancestry to ftDNA and I am getting conflicting results on the Ethnic/Ethnicity makeup of both sites and because of the difference I don't know which one to go by, here are the results.


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    I would say you really are not talking about much difference.

    FT - Western & Central Europe: 41% vs Anc - Europe West: 43%
    - ie basically the same

    FT - British Isles: 40% vs Anc - Great Britain: 28% + Ireland: 9% together = 37% -

    I think of 37% as close to 40%; and 41% as very close to 43%

    Each company has their own Population Groups they are comparing against -- this is still very much a work in progress, and if you are looking for exact accuracy, forget it.
    Also - remember back just a little bit and not all your ancestors are actually providing any DNA that is counting for the ethnicity. So you could truly have a Native American ancestor or etc and still not show any % in that Category.


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      Thanks Loobster, I am new to all this DNA stuff, what you told me helps a lot in my learning process