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    I see on the raw data download page "Build 36" and "Build 37". There is no explanation. Are these two different versions of the same data or do I need to download both? Also the "X Chromosome"downloads, I assume this is for those who have had the mtdna test?

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    Originally posted by fasteddie View Post
    Also the "X Chromosome"downloads, I assume this is for those who have had the mtdna test?
    No, "X Chromosome" download is from Family Finder.
    MtDNA is Mitochondrial DNA - its a different critter (literally, as I understand).


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      with advancements in science and the sequencing of the human genome, the positions(location) of SNP/RSID change (fine tuned). This is the difference between Build 37 and Build 36, Build 37 containing the most recent accepted position(available to download from FTDNA)

      Either file can be used, but if manually comparing two files the must be the same build number as most comparison tools use position number in calculating matching segments.

      FTDNA start/stop positions listed in chromosome browser are listed in Build 36 format.

      X Raw Data is from your 23rd chromosome pair, males (XY) 23rd chromosome pair contain one (1) X and one (1) Y, Females(XX) 23rd chromosome pair contains two (2) Single X chromosomes.

      Males X Raw data only contains X chromosome data, the Y is tested separately via yDNA tests
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        There needs to a explanation on the downloads page so folks no what the 36 and 37 files are for. I find it strange that there isnt and the assumption is that we know.

        Thanks @prairielad for your explanation
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          Thanks, prairielad. So I'll just download all of them.