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    I am Argentinian (South America). My results have shown a high (I believe it is high) percentage of Native American origins. In FTDNA it is 23 %; in Gedmatch it is 32 %. As I am adopted, I don't have information on my closest relatives (mother, father, siblings) so I don't have many clues to start yet.

    Is it really a high percentage? Should I take this number into account when starting to interpret my results?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Your Native American DNA is high for an Argentinian. There are so many Argentinians of recent European immigration (as I'm sure you well know), mostly Italian like Messi and Papa Francisco, that they have low or no Native American ancestry.

    That means that you have ancestry with many generations in Latin America. There are not a huge amount of South Americans in the FTDNA database, or even the Gedmatch database, so you probably don't see a lot of close matches and since some of your matches are likely mixed the match can be through the European or the Native American side.

    The difference in amount of Native American DNA between FTDNA and Gedmatch is due to how it is divided up. Your actual Native American at Gedmatch is the total of Native American/Amerindian+East Asian+Siberian. The total at FTDNA is Native American+East Asian+some or all of Finland and Northern Siberian and maybe a bit of other Asian like the Clovis Anzick infant whose results can be seen at which is from and

    So your real total Native American is going to be slightly more than the 32% that you are getting at Gedmatch.