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  • How to interpret MRCA

    Hi, I am new in this forum!

    I have matches in FTDNA and Gedmatch. In FTDNA I have three matches that appear as 3rd cousin-5th cousin, others as 4thcousin-remote and other remote relatives. Surprisingly, in Gedmatch one of the three matches I've mentioned appear with a different number: our MRCA is 4.9.

    I am confused. What does this .9 mean? In Gedmatch I have found other relatives mith 4.8 as MRCA.

    And what would it mean to have 1 as MRCA? (I don't have any 1, but just preparing myself for that moment). Does it mean that person is mother/father/sibling? Or do siblings show a different number?

    I am sorry for having so many questions!

    Thanks in advance.

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    The MRCA estimate at Gedmatch is way too close when it shows 4 generations.

    I have a 1 between myself and a parent. I am 1.5 to an uncle. 1.8 to a great aunt.

    A child of mine is 1.4 to a grandparent. A 2 to a great uncle and a 2.4 to a great-great aunt.

    The site is taking too long for me to be able to provide a few other MRCAs.

    You can use the following tables to see how much you share with your matches and how close you likely are to your matches based on how much you share with them.


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      Thank you so much, Armando!