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Eastern European Samples Lacking?

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  • Eastern European Samples Lacking?

    I was looking at MDLP calculators and noticed large amounts of Eastern European and in looking at the spreadsheets noticed my British and Celto-Germanic is cut by 30% compared to British people. My question is does My Origins and 23andme lack Eastern European samples? I also have noticed more Caucaus at Gedmatch than what is stated at My Origins and 23andme. I use to think at-DNA was more accurate than what it really is, I found much of this out after phased with my daughter at 23andme and it stated she received 11% Iberian from her mom and 5% from me which original I showed very little Iberian (thats only one example) along with a long segment of Native American that was not there before 23andme phased as well as shared African from me and her mom.

    So I am curious if FTDNA My Origins is totally lacking Eastern European samples?