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  • Humble and requesting help....

    Basic info:
    Tested with Genographic Project, haplogroup H, with the following mutations: 16182c, 16183c, 16189c, 16356c, 16519c.

    Submitted with FTDNA, upgraded to the mt-H (I believe the refined H-test?), batch 147. No results as of yet.

    I have looked at probably every thread that relates to group H, but am still confused. If anyone can help me put all this information in order, I would truly appreciate it. My question is:

    1-Does anyone know if my current markers or combination of; are indicative of paticular area? e.g., Marker 16182c and 16183c prominant in yada yada area?

    I know I should probably wait to ask this question until I get my other test results back, but I fear If I dont understand what I have now, I will be truly lost in the very near future.


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    Have you looked at National Geographic's Atlas of the Human Journey? (

    If you click on the link at the bottom of the page that says Genetic Markers you'll find your haplogroup there and a map that narrows it down.


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      I waiting for Batch 147 also...I believe the 3rd week of May is the target date.

      if you go to your home-page look for "Pending Results" where your homepage search and result buttons are, it will list the approximate date, batch #, and the test being done.


      I look around various projects on my spare time, and compare my mutations with others.

      You might look in the "mt projects" and most Geographical Projects. Lots of Surname projects list mtdna results..

      I think you will find "H" in many geographical areas.
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