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YDNA gives me one word match?

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  • YDNA gives me one word match?

    My YDNA results finally came through and I was excited to get an email telling me "we found a new DNA relative!" When I click on it, I get one line telling me the genetic distance is 5 and the name is Watt. There's no additional information, there's no link, no contact, nothing. If I go into surname projects, I can't find a matching Watt. Uploading to ysearch yields no Watt information.

    Am I missing something? This is so disappointing.

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    To get more information, go to your dashboard and search under y-matches. You may have to set the "since" date back a few days as the date of your e-mail and the date the match was posted can differ a bit - i.e. if you received the e-mail today, you might have to search since a date like 2/9 to have the match show.


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      If the match has permitted contact, you should see an envelope icon. Click on it to open an email message to the person.

      If the match has ruled out contact, you will not see an envelope icon.