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How to Narrow Search After R-L20

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  • How to Narrow Search After R-L20

    I just got my R-L20 confirmation. There are about 7 sub SNP's below R-L20. How can I narrow down what I should test for next?

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    Have you joined the R1b-U152 Hapologroup project at yet? If not, that's your next step.

    The administrators of that project can advise you about the best testing strategy. They can look at your STR results and who your closest matches are and possibly advise you about specific SNPs downstream from L20 to order. Or, they may have plans to work with FTDNA in developing a SNP pack for U152, which would be more cost effective than testing single SNPs down the branch.


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      Or if you just want to find your most terminal SNP and money isn't an issue, just take the Big Y. It will find the lowest branch FTDNA knows about plus a few new ones.


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        But money is the root of the first question, otherwise I would not bother asking and just throw down the $500, right...


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          Right. Just making sure you knew about. Not all users are aware of it.