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Question about family finder and paternity

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  • Question about family finder and paternity

    I know the family finder test can't be used in court to prove paternity. My question is can it be used to reasonably determine paternity? I'm interested in having my two children, wife and I all tested. Mainly I'm interested in tracing family history. However, based on something that recently surfaced it would feel good to know without a doubt that my children are mine by blood. There mine either way but I want to confirm my wife was faithful then. Please let me know to what degree of certainty I could determine I'm their biological dad.

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    Pretty much inarguably.


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      The answer is that you will know you are the father if you conduct the 4 tests as you suggest. You should consider that the tests on your children, while giving you peace of mind, may be wasteful in terms of finding your family history. After all, their DNA should be drawn entirely from yourself and your wife. If you are going to spend that kind of money, I would suggest the best strategy is to not do the kids, but rather your parents or your in-laws. If that is not possible, you could try aunts or uncles.
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