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Question about privacy settings on FTDNA

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  • Question about privacy settings on FTDNA

    (if this is wrong place feel free to move!)

    So for the privacy settings, when you have it on "share all profile information" ticked off, does that mean people can also see your address, or is that not included? I want people to be able to see as much info as possible, but I don't wanna risk doxxing myself.

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    From this page:

    • Full profile: Show all of my profile information – If selected, all of your personal information entered on your family tree is displayed to non-matches.
    • Basic profile: Only show my name, picture and birth year (recommended) - If selected, only your name, picture, and birth year is displayed to your non-matches.
    • Private: Do not show any information – If selected, your personal information on your family tree is not displayed to your non-matches.

    So no, the public won't see your address.