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  • ancestral surnames

    Where do I find my ancestral surnames? I see that 10,000+ individuals in Ireland have my DNA. I have no idea how to go about finding surnames. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    "Surname" is another term for "Last Name".
    If you know your father's last name - that is one of your "Ancestral Surnames".
    If you know your mother's maiden name - the last name she had at birth - that is another "Ancestral surname".

    Do you know similar information for your grandparents? If so, any last names different from the two above, those are additional "Ancestral Surnames".

    And so on. This is information you provide from your knowledge and your research into your family.

    If you were adopted and have no info on your Birth Parents, then you have no info to provide there - but might benefit by putting a comment to that effect in the About field of your profile.


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      Which DNA test did you take?


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        mtdna. I have traced back to 1500s, with several Irish surnames. Just was hoping there was an easier way. My kids always made fun of me because I love traveling to Ireland. They still insist there is no Irish lineage; however, I feel as if I belong there... Thanks for replying. Mary Lou


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          What is your mtDna haplogroup with subsets?


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            Haplogroup H H1e6, H27, H27c, H27d