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    I have had my DNA done both on GENEBASE, and Ancestry, then I transferred them here. I am basically 1/2 Irish, 1/4 Nordic and 1/4 Spanish. According to Genebase my Haplogroup is K1c, and I am an exact match oddly enough, for Jews in N.Africa, noted in Dr. Behar's (2006?) study on Ashkenazi maternal founders, as far as my mtDNA. I have no recent Ashkenazi heritage that I know of, although have suspected perhaps on both sides of my family, but cannot verify. As far as I can tell, I am related on various matching sites, with some Jews and non-Jews alike.

    I ran my info on jTest and it came back 5.65% Ashkenazi. Is that just background noise, or does this (along with my mtDNA being K1c) mean something? Other than in Dr. Behar's study, many K1c folks are Irish and Scottish (which is what I would expect). It's unclear what they were doing in ancient DNA in N. Africa. K goes back to Syria I believe, ultimately.

    Btw, Ancestry showed me as having trace amounts of Jewish at 2%.

    Any ideas on what this means?