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  • Merging kits

    I'm sorry if this is answered elsewhere, I couldn't find it.

    I transferred by father's atDNA kit from Ancestry and created a (free) account.

    I have since bought and submitted a YDNA for him that has the same username as the atDNA kit and shows up under his profile.

    Since I paid for the YDNA kit, will the atDNA kit become "unlocked" so I can see all those matches?

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    You posted in the wrong section. This is for announcements and new features. To answer your question, no it does not work that way.

    Y-DNA tests are separate from the autosomal DNA test (Family Finder). To unlock the FF results you either need to get 4 more kits (yours or someone else's) transferred using a transfer link you are given or pay $39.