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  • Another newbie needs help

    I just got the Y results for my first cousin Bennett Genis. This is my first experience with Y data. None of his matches are named Genis nor do any of them share a surname. The lowest genetic distance is 2 and range up to 7 (the most matches - 6) for a total of 11 matches. His haplogroup is J-M172. Only 6 of those 11 matches list that same haplogroup so I don't understand why the others are considered Y matches. The others (in order of ascending GD) are J-L70, J-L25, J-BY268 and J-PF5456.

    A 6 GD match is named Kessler. We believe our grandmother's maiden name was Kesler. but there shouldn't be a Y connection there.

    What is the significance of the terminal SNP? Only two of his matches show M172 for terminal SNP. The rest are either blank (all J-M172 haplogroup matches) or match the dash part of that person's haplogroup.

    Here is the TiP report for his GD 3 match:

    Generations Percentage
    4 46.09%
    8 85.36%
    12 97.03%
    16 99.48%
    20 99.92%
    24 99.99%

    There were two links in the message I received from FTDNA saying that the results were available. One listing a User's Guide and the other to "Y-DNA Understanding STR Results" but both links took me to what looks like a home page for a Beta version of the Learning Center and I don't know how to get to the actual documents.

    In short - HELP! (and thanks in advance)

    June Genis

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    Every yDNA test receives a basic predicted Haplogroup assignment based on the first 12 markers, if FTDNA can not confidently predict they run a free backbone test.

    In your case matches would have all been predicted as J-M172, but they have purchased further SNP testing to place them further into the J-M172 haplogroup subclade.

    If you go to kits haplotree page and follow the following you will see they all belong on the same subclade branch of M172

    L25 is a deeper subclade branch of J-M172
    L70 is a deeper subclade branch of L25
    PF5456 is a deeper subclade branch of L70
    BY268 is a deeper subclade branch of PF5456

    It is most likely your final current subclade placement if you did additional SNP testing would be J-BY268

    You should have kit join their appropriate Haplogroup project and ask the admins advice and see how they are place amongst the results.
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      Another newbie needs help

      Thanks, Prairielad. I joined Bennett to the J project and the initial projection from the administrator agrees with yours.